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Write Your Own Letters

Sometime before the end of April, the LCRA will be submitting three choices to the PUC on where to put the Leander – Round Rock Transmission Line Project. Please write ASAP and have your letter included BEFORE they file.

We hope everyone will write their own letter. We know that can be difficult, so we have ideas here to help you get started. (These are adapted from the Save Brushy Creek effort, with their permission.) The PUC will review the letters. No single letter will win this fight. However, hundreds of personal letters cannot be ignored!


A couple of reminders

  • Make sure your letter goes to the LCRA and PUC, and that it says PUC Docket #45364.
  • Please make sure your letter cannot be confused with a Brushy Creek letter. The Brushy Creek effort has gotten a lot of attention. Do not let your letter be overlooked as just another Brushy Creek letter. (We’ve seen this happen.)

Ideas for your letter

  • Speak about how the quality of life for your family will be affected. Our communities have worked hard to give residents a good quality of life. Say how clear cutting our nature areas or playing soccer next to a substation will affect your quality of life.
  • Speak about safety. We are advised that health concerns are not a good argument, but safety is. In my area, the lines would be uncomfortably close to homes. Perhaps you feel the fire risk here is great or that children’s play areas shouldn’t be so close.
  • Speak about why you chose to move by a park and nature areas, and how this would have affected your choice. Praise how this area has a done a great job of incorporating this development into the native Texas landscape by leaving mature trees, caves, wildflowers and preserves, and how that landscape would change.
  • Speak about how often you and your family use your community, especially in ways that could be changed by the addition of these lines. (Easements, clear cutting, exploring nature, unobstructed views)
  • Speak about your concern about having a route right behind Chandler Oaks Elementary.
  • Be creative! Take pictures of your family enjoying our area and mail them with your letter.
  • Have your children hand write letters and mail them in.
  • Speak about your support for another option. The route our petition supports is the I-35/2243/Ronald Reagan. This route would affect the fewest existing homeowners.
  • Speak about opposing Routes B1, D2, J2, Q2, T2, U2, W2, Y2, Z2 and A3 or any route you oppose. Download and print the map
  • If you might get an easement, speak about the loss of your property rights.
  • Speak about the Williamson County Regional Park and how you use it, perhaps especially its undeveloped area. Imagine sitting next to a substation to watch your children’s sports teams or enjoying the nature trails with 140-foot-tall power lines humming overhead.
  • Speak about how our neighborhoods would change, and how it would change your usage patterns if the area’s trees and preserves were replaced with towers and 100 feet of clear-cut space beneath them.
  • Speak about how you feel the loss of vegetation beneath the towers will affect wildlife in the area.
  • Speak about fairness. You are losing your property rights and choice for a project that doesn’t benefit you or your neighbors.
  • Although the lines are necessary, speak to the fairness of having a bigger burden here, rather than in the yet-to-be developed areas that are the beneficiaries of the project.
  • Speak about how your children interact with native Texas nature because of the benefits of this area, how you chose to raise your family in an area where that is still possible, and how that could change.
  • Speak about how many other people you see at the park and enjoying the green spaces in our community.
  • We are advised that this will not be a very effective argument, but you can speak about the fact that you oppose THE ENTIRE LCRA PROJECT. Other options have been suggested, included bring electricity in from the west.
  • If you want to speak about health concerns, this link might help. Be aware that it is not universally accepted that high power lines harm health, so this might not be the most effective argument.
  • We are advised that property values are not an effective argument. If it comes down to two routes, each route will claim loss of property value, so we have to give additional reasons why our neighborhoods are not the preferred route for this project.

Who to Write

The most important recipients are the LCRA and the PUC. The PUC makes the decision. Remember that your letter must say PUC Docket #45364.

Highest Priority

To be on the docket, you must write to:

  • PUC Central Records,
  • Donna Nelson,
  • Timothy Timmerman,
  • John D. Hewa,

Copy and paste:;;;

Second Priority

  • Rep. Larry Gonzales
  • Rep. Tony Dale
  • Sen. Charles Schwertner
  • Lt. Dan Patrick
  • Gov. Greg Abbott

Copy and paste:;;;

Additional Contacts

More PUC and LCRA:,,

Round Rock residents:

If the route behind Chandler Oaks Elementary is of concern,
CC RRISD Superintendent Steve Flores:

Precinct 1 county commissioner:
Lisa Birkman

Precinct 3 county commissioner:
Valerie Covey

Southwest Management

Mail Addresses

Donna Nelson
Chairman PUC
RE: Docket #45364
Wm. B. Travis Bldg., 1701 N. Congress
P.O. Box 13326
Austin 78711-3326

Mike Hoke
RE: Docket #45364
Director, External Affairs PUC
Wm. B. Travis Bldg., 1701 N. Congress
P.O. Box 13326
Austin 78711-3326

Public Utility Commission of Texas
1701 N. Congress
Austin, TX 78711-3226

Timothy Timmerman, Chair
Travis County Board of Directors
P.O. Box 220
Austin TX 78767-0220

Lower Colorado River Authority
P.O. Box 220
Austin, TX 78767

Governor Greg Abbott
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

John D. Hewa
Chief Executive Officer
Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc.
P.O. Box 1
Johnson City, TX 78636-0001

Representative Larry Gonzalez – District 52
Capitol Address:
Room E2.418
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

Representative Tony Dale – District 136
Capitol Address:
Room E2.904
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

Charles Schwertner
Texas State Senator District 5
District Address:
3000 Briarcrest Drive
Suite 202,
Bryan TX 77802