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Write Your Letters

Why do I need to write a letter?

It may seem mundane, however writing letters to government entities is incredibly influential as it shows you are passionate and concerned enough to take the time to contact them.

I signed the petition, isn’t that enough?

First, thank you for signing the petition! A single voice by itself is hardly audible, however hundreds of voices in unison gets everyone’s attention.

The petition states facts and clear demands. Writing a personal letter to government entities is incredibly influential as it shows you are passionate and concerned enough to take the time to contact them.

Your letters are to help humanize this effort. These are your homes, your families, your parks and they need to be protected. Tell your story, let them realize that there are better ways for them to achieve the goal of supplying power to Leander without destroying the community, the parks, the place on this earth we call home.

The clock is ticking — don’t wait until it’s too late!

We encourage you to write your own letter. We have a list of addresses here. However, you may also personalize this letter, and we’ll send an email to the correct people for you!

What to Write

The most effective methods

So you’re ready to write but not sure how to best proceed. Sending in your letters electronically and by mail are both effective. As long as you reference PUC Docket #45364 it will get included in the effort. The most effective form is to hand-write or type and print your letter, sign your name in ink, stamp, address and mail in your letter to any and all of the contacts.

However, we all have busy schedules! If you are unable to send a written letter, complete the form and we’ll send an email to the correct people for you!

Need some ideas for your family’s personal message? Check here »

Send Your Letter Electronically

Complete the form fields below and your letter will be emailed to the representatives from the PUC, LCRA and Representative Larry Gonzales.

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Dear Chairman Nelson, Commissioner Timmerman, Commissioner Hewa,

I am writing in regards to the LCRA's Leander-Round Rock Transmission Line Project, and PUC Docket #45364.

My family's personal message to the PUC is...

In summary, I strongly oppose the proposed LCRA 138kV transmission line in the Sam Bass-FM 1431-Arterial H-CR175 neighborhoods, the area that would be very harmful for thousands of families and visitors in this area. I support the LCRA Leander-Round Rock 138 kV Transmission Line Project running north along I-35, west along 2243, and south on Ronald W Reagan Blvd.


I also oppose building a substation in or near the Williamson County Regional Park; these lines better serve their purpose along the I-35/2243/Ronald Reagan route. This park is a major regional hub for all kinds of sports and recreational activities as well as for nature lovers; it would be inconceivable to put a power substation or high power lines near this campus or across its entrance.

I understand the future need for more electricity and that a project such as this is expensive to taxpayers like me. However, the shortest route is not necessarily the cheapest route, especially the cost to homeowners in this area. I believe that the diminished property values alone in this area outweigh the costs of using the I-35/2243/Ronald Reagan route as the preferred route for this project.

Our neighborhood coalition will be monitoring this situation closely and appreciate your vigorous support in this important matter to our community.

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