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March 26, 2016 – We just launched our letter writing campaign to make writing your letters a very simple process! Write your letter ยป


Thank you to Representative Larry Gonzales for coming to our meeting last night. He assured us that he is on our side and will do everything he can to represent us, even if it takes busing us all down to the PUC! It is now most important to write letters to the PUC telling them how these power lines will affect your quality of life. There are schools, parks, trails, and neighborhoods along the routes that have been proposed and we will not accept power lines here. We do not benefit from these power lines and we will not be a conduit. We need everyone to write a letter now, please do not delay!

Type your letter and email it to:
State Rep.:

PLEASE MAIL Hard copy to:
Public Utility Commission of Texas
1701 N. Congress
Austin, Texas 78711-3226

You must reference Docket #45364

*Include in your letter that you support the 2243 route and send in the map with your letter.