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Intervention forms must be received at the PUC in 5 days. If you haven’t mailed your form, you must mail it immediately!

The Williamson County Commissioners Court had a presentation today from the LCRA. There wasn’t really anything new, but I cannot emphasize enough that you MUST INTERVENE NOW to be a part of the process. The commissioners all urged people to intervene. Even the LCRA wants people to intervene.

“If you have an opportunity to intervene, it would be smart of you to do that,” Commissioner Valerie Covey said.

Close neighbors — any neighbors — can intervene. The LCRA has not objected to any interventions. If you did not get a packet but want to intervene, do it.

Renters can intervene. Be clear where you live, and you will be intervenors. This is about the effect on people.

Reminder: ALL segments still are on the table. Right now in a case before the PUC, the PUC is looking a route that was not recommended. They can use the segments to create a different route.

To intervene, it is very possible that all you will have to do it submit written testimony (not to every party) to the court. Written testimony could be a few sentences to an essay — that’s up to you. Intervening could — but might not — involve going to court, which would be in Austin. If that happens and you can’t attend, you can drop out.

The county commissioners said again that people cannot count on them to intervene of their behalf. The county will not propose a route because the routes affects multiple precincts.

County Judge Dan Gattis said this is “Very very important. Please do that. You are a better representative than if the county hired 25 lawyers.”

Another reminder: Intervening does not have to mean you oppose everything. You can intervene on behalf of your favorite oak tree or your fence. If there’s something important to you along any of these segments, you must intervene. You might be the only voice speaking on that issue. You will definitely be the only voice speaking for your home and your family.

We can do this together! Save1431 will help in every way that we can. But you must take this step to remain in the game.

Judge Dan Gattis talked about angry crowds on the steps of the county courthouse and news crews, but, he said, none of that will matter if you didn’t submit your from by Monday.