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Today the LCRA submitted their formal CCN application to the PUC as to which station to pull the power from, where two substations they propose building and the route to transmit power from the source to the new substations to power undeveloped land in Leander to support the growth in the area. You can download the full application here.

The application outlined the LCRA supports ERCOT’s recommendation to pull power from the Round Rock substation (out of 13 total options), build two substations along CR175, one south of the Williamson County Regional park and the other north of the park. The recommended route would run the 138kV transmission lines along 1431 to CR175 and north to the two substations and then west to Ronald W. Reagan Blvd.

For those who have followed our page and what we’ve been requesting of the LCRA so far, this is the route that we have been fighting against since March 10th. This brings up obvious questions:

What does this mean?

It means the LCRA has reviewed multiple routes (31 in all) and conducted cost analysis, including homes, businesses, parks and nature areas affected, and have recommended a single route based on their findings. The PUC regularly gets a single recommendation from the LCRA and very often is not the route that is chosen.

This also means that the clock has officially started; this case is now formally in the PUC’s hands. We now have 45 days to submit applications to be considered an intervenor in the case and will move to litigation after the intervention period, which ends June 12th.

What do we do?

Rest assured that all is not lost! The LCRA only submitted a recommendation, they do not have the final say where the transmission lines will be installed. Continue to write your letters or submit a protest using the PUC form! The more voices that are heard, the more influence we have on the PUC. This is only the beginning and we need everyones participation as either an intervenor for this case or in formal protest by sending your letters!

We’ve been told by the legal department at the PUC the protest form and your letters are the same as they are both deemed as comments to this case. If you have already written your letter, you do not need to submit a protest as well as they are the same.