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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS – The elected city councils met to hear a presentation from a representative of the LCRA along with the concerns of the residents the proposed power lines would affect. The Round Rock Community Engagement Administrator presented the staff recommended route for the power lines to run along the west side of I-35 with the existing easement, head west along the north side of FM 1431 until it reaches Stone Oak Drive. The lines would then cross over to the south side of FM 1431 to Country Road 175. The lines would again cross over 1431 and north to the power station within the Williamson County Regional Park.

Though there was presented the option to run the power lines north to and long Ranch Road 2243, it was stated that it would cost the LCRA more money and was suggested that it not be a viable option even though it would affect the least amount of residence.

After discussion about what an amendment would say to include RR 2243, it was in the final minutes of discussion to avoid any amendments and vote to keep the single option solution. The council members voted 4 – 2 to keep the current proposition.

What you can do

We will be contacting the PUC as to what can be done to request an alternate route. The LCRA representative did state that public opinion does sway the decision even without the help from our city council. The PUC is appointed by the Governor himself which any exposure would help our cause.

We will post details about what you can do individually and collectively to save our beautiful neighborhoods along with the street we all share.