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Hi neighbors. Many people don’t know what Arterial H is.

Arterial H is a short segment of street in Mayfield Ranch. However, when we say Arterial H, what we mean — and what RR and CP mean, is the proposed Arterial H route. Near term plans call for Arterial H to extend from Mayfield Ranch through the southeast edge of Wilco Park. Long term plans call for Arterial H to extend east behind Stone Oak, Preserve at Stone Oak and the Highlands at Mayfield Ranch. Eventually (very long term), Arterial H is to connect to the I-35 Frontage Road.

In addition, part of the Arterial H path could have the lines run along the east edge of Stone Oak and Preserve at Stone Oak, behind Chandler Oaks Elementary, affecting two sides of these neighborhoods.

The space along Arterial H is not wide. The LCRA sent letters to all homeowners within 300 feet. The space for the line in this area is so narrow that people on both sides of the streets are considered directly affected and within 300 feet of the lines.

Please see this map and see lines T2, U2 and W2 on the left side of the map.

Please note the the City of Cedar Park wants the lines on Arterial H — out of sight, out of mind — for them. No one along this route lives in Cedar Park, and they clearly care nothing about the residents here.